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Our Values

The association aims to promote self-sufficiency and general humanitarian aid by providing financial and other services, e.g. micro-credits, primarily to women in Yushu and other regions in Tibet.

Purpose of the association

After the devastating earthquake in the autonomous district of Yushu in eastern Tibet on April 14, 2010, Dechen Emchi founded the Tibet Aid Project Switzerland (Tschutig Gyatso) association together with friends. The name Tschutig Gyatso means "the dripping drop of water from the shell" and symbolizes wisdom and goodness flowing into the sea.

Since 2010, the association has been supporting the nomads in the Kharnang region in the Yushu area with wool processing and education. It also supports schoolchildren in Shiliguri, India.


For 2023/24, the association is planning to provide one-off funding for an outpatient clinic in Ladakh. A long-term and important project is the support of the Phuktal Monastery. In view of rockfalls and rockslides, we consider the monastery to be one of the most important cultural heritages in the Lungnak Valley in the south-east of Zanskar in the Himalayan region of Ladakh in northern India. It is located 52 km south-east of Padum and is a particularly worthy goal of our association.


We thank you very much in advance for your generous support.

Our Values

In the heart of the Himalaya, nestled in the steep rock faces of the Zanskar Valley, the Phuktal Monastery stands as a symbol of faith, consistency and harmony. Our values reflect the essence of this unique place, which has attracted spiritual seekers from all over the world for centuries.

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Preserving cultural heritage

The Phuktal Monastery is not only a spiritual center, but also a valuable cultural heritage.

We value the rich cultural and historical significance of the monastery and are committed to preserving this heritage. Our efforts are focused on preserving the ancient traditions while responding to modern challenges.

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Help for self-help

It is very important to us to help the monks or the local people in general to help themselves. Our support or construction measures should not be abandoned after a few months or years. What they can do themselves on site should also be implemented directly by them. If necessary, we ensure that the know-how for certain processes or technologies is also passed on.

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Protecting the locals

We are working to find a solution to secure and protect the surroundings of these cultural sites. Safety and ensuring a secure livelihood for the Tibetan and Ladakhi people in these areas is our top priority.
The spiritual and cultural power places should be and remain safe not only for their inhabitants, but also for visitors from all over the world.

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