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Outpatient Clinic Lungnak Valley

This project is about a new health outpatient clinic. Due to the urgent requests and inquiries from the local population of the village of Cha, which is located in the Lungnak Valley, we are planning to build an outpatient clinic.


Outpatient Clinic Lungnak Valley

This important project was launched on the initiative of Dr. Lama Tsewang Yangjor and in consultation with Dr. Philippe Morvan, President of Montagne du Bonheur France. There is no adequate health center in this remote region.
The project will benefit the inhabitants of around 700 households in the villages of Shila, Shun-Shadey, Purne Khangsar and Kargyak. Phukthar Monastery, Müne Monastery and Cha Nunnery will also benefit. In addition, many needy tourists and trekkers will be able to take advantage of the medical care.

Aim of the project

The aim of this project is to build a health clinic for the surrounding villages and tourists. The costs for the construction of the outpatient clinic have been estimated at around 50,000 euros. The following amounts have been pledged so far:

  • Dr. Philippe Morvan, President of Montagne du Bonheur France: 8,000 euros

  • Dechen Emchi: CHF 2,000

  • Tibet Aid Project Switzerland: CHF 10,000

30,000 euros are still missing to fully finance the project.

Plan Ambulatorium.jpg

Further measures

Once the construction work is complete, we plan to employ a nurse on site and regularly hire a doctor to provide the population with medical care and advice on healthy lifestyles. In an emergency, the doctor will also be on call. Treatments and the dispensing of medicines will be free of charge for patients in need, as many people in this region are very poor and cannot afford long journeys to Padum or to other municipal doctors.

Location of the outpatient clinic

The outpatient clinic is located in the Lungnak Valley near the village of Cha.

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